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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Create Exciting Scenes Magdalena Reject Screen Width

For the active community in the virtual world, may never again hear a foreign name Magdalena. Presenter certain kind of face so beautiful that topic since the present session Chatmate. Every night in the presence of Magdalena fan of it later. Ghana is so obsess Channel O viewers accompany the initial difficulty sleeping.

Because the program that is the women's birth 17 May 1984 was obtained predicate Sexiest Woman in the World ranking third version of the magazine For Him Magazine (FHM) Indonesia after Megan Fox (1) and Keeley Hazell (2). Magdalena years ago to enter the rank-72.

Predicate if it is acknowledged that his career in the entertainment world. Magdelena known to many people and also began filtering job. Result in the virtual world is also the name the person sought. Although the women appreciate the award for sexiest women, but Lena did not want people to see themselves from the physical only. "Physical support but not the main factor," said Lena. "Now, how to maintain and develop the achievements rather see me from the physical," the ad supplement model. Magdalena appreciate fansnya in the virtual world although sometimes " risih " also like to read comments from them. " Like " sebel ", like physical attack. But it's also the name they say the virtual world, the important fact of life I do not like that. I'm not like that they say," said the campus alumni Tarumanegara it.

To prove it all, Magdalena never reject a bid for major film role of the big screen. Rejection is required to show himself as sexually arousing. "What I have is how the principles, if I'm not encroach so," Lena demolished.

What about his photo section ? "Fair is the first and last time," I reject the Lena posing in some exciting adult magazine. There is no desire to change the image itself. His career deliberately flows over time.

Want to know about the update Magdalena, continues to drop in

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Number 3 is.... My Lena !!!!!

" Flight time " in the entertainment industry stage the country be calculated very minimal. Magdalena, 24 years old, started the audience after appearing in a variety of impressions on the television quiz, especially when in the Euro 2008. Chinese girls impression nurture this quiz ber direct this gift every dawn.

Although newcomer, this figure more beautiful pose and flutter after entering the order number 72 of 100 women most beautyful in the world, the magazine version of For Him Magazine (FHM) Indonesia. Obviously, the eruption never do play in Medley film session in the virtual world forum.

Magdalena A year later, when the same poll again held a special men's adult magazine, the name of the youngest of three brothers to shovel this position number three, after Megan Fox (1) and Keeley Hazell (2). "Last year I (number) 72. And now number 3, number 3 years ago that Luna Maya! So that this time make me upset! " Response call girl named Lena that.

Lena may be proud with the results of the poll through the magazine franchises origin is English. The presenter is a profession of interest since the first time in the field of entertainment industry the country. Lena said, " Boro - Boro" thought women get the predicate section. " Maybe it's the same people again Lena, in her new world entertainment. Since I'm also confused, like the readers I can with me ? " He said, with a tone marvel.


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Health Tips from Lena

Beautiful face and body postures ideal routine should be treated. Therefore, it is one of the presenters Magdalena effort is to maintain fluid balance. Many drinking water to be white according to the most healthy of the event " Ada Gossip " this.

"Water is not only white bidder feel thirsty, but also maintain skin moisture as well as kidney health. I drink a glass of white water before and after sleep wake up," said women's birth Jakarta, 17 May 1984 this

Wew, that was so secret Lena own breast to be large and sexy ....!!!!!

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